The Yoga House

When I arrive at the oasis of The Yoga House I can feel my whole being instantly relaxing, its like coming home.


Surrounded by fields and trees, The Yoga House is a beautiful and peaceful place. The atmosphere is cosy and intimate so that people can relax and be themselves, light and spacious enough to practice creatively.

The Yoga House seems to be conducive to a kind of openness, one which allows me to share all that emerges in response to the wisdom of each person who comes towards me as a yoga student.

The benefit of a weekly class is profound. There are people who have been coming to The Yoga House every week since it was established in 2001. I also offer individual sessions and run days, courses and weekends, including every summer a yoga and camping retreat.

“I love coming to Caroline’s classes at The Yoga House which is a truly magical and welcoming place. I have discovered so much about working with the body rather than against it, releasing physical and emotional holding, settling with myself and supporting those parts of my body-mind that I experience as feeling collapsed. And there is a lot that takes place at The Yoga House which is beyond my words.” Michael