I love Caroline’s yoga classes. I find them profoundly nourishing, inviting me to go deeper inside, to resource myself from a kinder and more caring place.


I find it very beautiful that a yoga class is a place where so many strands of life can meet, that people can just come and be themselves. All are welcome, men and women, any age, whether you are new to yoga, an experienced practitioner or a teacher.

The groups are small which allows for me to offer lots of individual attention and support. I use my hands to bring awareness to places of holding and to wake up connections within the body. There is space for people to ask questions, space for lots of quiet.

Because the classes are small, this does mean it is necessary to book.

Payment is generally by term. However, space permitting anyone is welcome to come as a visitor or try one of the classes before making a commitment.

I am currently offering the following:

MONDAYS 6pm online via Zoom
WEDNESDAYS 10am in person in The Yoga House
WEDNESDAYS 6pm in person in The Yoga House
THURSDAYS 10am in person in The Yoga House

“I am so happy that I have my yoga class in place on a Wednesday morning. It is the one thing in my life that I have not doubts about, an invaluable time for me to return to my body, guided beautifully by Caroline’s intuitive teaching. I find it very powerful and restful as my focus shifts and becomes more internal, attending lightly and deeply to small moments and connections through the body. Caroline uses wonderful images and descriptions which make good sense. The class encourages a movement towards easeful contact with the ground and the many parts of the body, the wings of the pelvis, the soft untouched base of the throat, the joint of the big toes, the round of the heel, and being amazed by how much space there is inside my body.” Emma

“I thoroughly enjoy your classes, Caroline. The depth and focus of your teaching has really invigorated and challenged my own practice in such a deep and rewarding way.”¬†Elizabeth

“So grateful to you for all you offer and for welcoming me to your lovely yoga community and nurturing Yoga House. It feels like coming home.” Clare

“I am still surprised and amazed with every online session, with your guidance and with the ‘inner-non-self being’ that appears during classes. Thank you!” Milicia