Scaravelli Yoga with Caroline Lang

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.

William Blake

I have been a yoga teacher for about 30 years. I teach Scaravelli-inspired Yoga interwoven with Meditation through Deep Rest. My approach is not a method but a deep, kind, spacious settling into life through the body, an orientation towards wholeness and ease.
Based in Harberton, close to Totnes, South Devon, across the lawn from my home is The Yoga House, a beautiful, clear space surrounded by fields where I offer weekly classes, one-to-ones, days and retreats. I am also now sharing classes online.

I regularly teach residential retreats. These are mostly in Devon and Cornwall and I am always open to new suggestions.

It really is an honour and a pleasure to share what I love and to experience people’s trust and witness all the ways they benefit and transform. I have known some of my students almost since I started teaching. There is an atmosphere of friendliness, intimacy and commitment in the classes. I try to work hands on as much as possible with each student.

“I have been practising with Caroline since she moved to Devon 15 years ago. Each practice brings a new joy of discovery, a movement so deep within mind and body that leads me through life with a balance that is my constant companion.” Angela

“Caroline is a very special yoga teacher. Practising with her leaves me feeling enriched, more connected and at ease with all aspects of my life. She teaches in a way that is very whole, embracing yoga in its fullness. Her precise and clear words and kind hands suggest the depth of her own inner exploration. I experience her teaching as graceful, grounded in the present, fresh, creative and alive.” Claire