Retreats, Days & Courses

To be quiet, even wordless
in a good place is a gift.

Wendell Berry

People express so much appreciation for the holding of a retreat, whether that be for one day, a weekend or a week. Time, space, rest, simplicity is precious. A pause from daily routines that can dull our experience of ourselves and life creates the opportunity to dive into practice and re-kindle depth, ease, care and ease.

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COURSE OF FRIDAY MORNING SESSIONS at The Yoga House. 18 January, 15 February, 1 March, 15 March, 11 May, 24 May 2019. Details on classes page.

SATURDAY 2 MARCH 2019 Day at The Forge Yoga Centre in Totnes. More details.

16 – 19 MAY 2019 Three day spring retreat at Bala Brook. More details.

31 MAY – 7 JUNE 2019 Weeklong retreat at La Terriade in the French Alps. More details.

29 AND 30 JUNE 2019 Weekend at The Yoga House. More details.

SEPTEMBER 2019 – MAY 2020 Deepening Yoga Practice Course. Five monthly Fridays at The Yoga House and three-day residential. More details.

SATURDAY 5 OCTOBER 2019 Retreat Day at The Yoga House. More details.

28 NOVEMBER – 1 DECEMBER 2019 Winter retreat at Bala Brook. More details.

There are some bursary places available on some of the retreats.