One to One

Touch can add a sort of instant awakening, by-passing mental activity and resistance.

Sandra Sabatini

I also love to work with people individually. This could be Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesday afternoon and some Thursdays. Sessions can be in person or online via Zoom. Cost is £55/50 for a generous hour.

This may suit you well if you have health issues that require a very particular approach or for teachers to explore, or perhaps just an opportunity for something extra to flourish and more guidance from my hands.

“One to one sessions at the yoga house support me to meet all of my body within my practice. For me it’s been a space for a different kind of learning and attunement than I’ve experienced in a class, helping me heal through illness and inspiring my practice at home. I hadn’t anticipated just how important to me these monthly sessions would become – to have dedicated space to explore with the guidance of Caroline’s deep knowledge of the body, and her generous and tender attention.” Josie

“About 10 years ago I started to experience great discomfort in my ankles and knees even after walking a fairly short distance. The discomfort disrupted my sleep. I tried many approaches to deal with this issue: traditional yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and so on. It was not until I started to do personal Zoom classes with Caroline, over about a two year period, that, finally, I was able to overcome my symptoms. And now I am quite comfortable walking several miles, even over rough terrain, without any issues at all. I am forever grateful to Caroline and her unique and powerful approach to making such a limiting issue a thing of the past.” Roger

I am also offering sessions online for yoga teachers or for anybody who would like friendly support in any aspect of ‘living’. I am not trained as a counsellor or therapist but have supported people in all sorts of different ways through their joys and challenges. Sessions could be half hour or full hour. Cost is £50 for one hour.