Teaching Background

caroline lang In her twenties Caroline trained with the Sivananda Organisation in South India and then met Clive Sheridan who introduced her to a yoga practice which was dynamic and liberating; it required both commitment and the freedom to explore and did not tie her to any one tradition. Like those who have inspired her she has sought to practice and teach in a way that awakens us to life and its potential and with a spirit of enquiry and discovery.

About 20 years ago she was introduced to the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli and felt deeply touched. It took a lot of patience for her body to really come to understand what she was asking it to do but something felt very right and she soon became passionate about this wonderful fresh way of practising yoga. caroline lang She has worked closely with Diane Long, Sophy Hoare and Sandra Sabatini, Vanda's long-term students who continue to inspire and support her practice and teaching.

Caroline lives in South Devon with her partner and young daughter, where she has a beautiful yoga space surrounded by fields. She spends time each year in India. Her asana practice is ever supported by a deep love of silence and meditation and she regularly takes time out to retreat.

Caroline teaches weekly classes in Devon. She also runs workshops, courses, retreats and individual sessions. Some of her students have been practising with her since she started teaching. There is always an atmosphere of friendliness, intimacy and commitment in her classes. She works hands on as much as possible with each student. The encouragement is always to relax and enjoy and then from a state of receptivity more understanding can blossom.

"When Caroline takes us on the adventure every Monday it is all about becoming a cat, dog, snake or hearing the birds from outside singing in your heart. The whole experience while with teacher is so much more powerful because she helps you to really go inside that body of yours, to really feel without thinking and pushing, to really relax, to join in and be quiet and joyous at the same time.".

stone carving "To me, Caroline is a very special yoga teacher. The classes that I have been to have always left me feeling enriched and more connected and at ease with all aspects of my life...perhaps with more of a sense of the real essence of yoga. She seem to teach in a way that is very whole, embracing yoga in its fullness. Her precise and clear words and adjustments are conveyed with a sense of both grace and confidence and seem to speak from the depths of her own inner exploration. I experience her teaching as being grounded in the present, fresh, creative and alive. She is certainly an inspriation for those of us walking this path of awakening."

"Practising with Caroline one feels one is revealing a body within the body,
One that dwells beneath the outer surface layers,
Like a secret creature cradled in the skin,
She guides us to carefully listen and follow the music of this under-song."